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Needs Assessment

INCLUDES: Needs assessment online evaluation, results, and 50 min. phone consultation.

Do you ever wonder why you do what you do and what the driving force is underlying the decisions you make?

The driving force in our lives can be found in our preeminent needs. All human beings are constantly seeking to meet Six Human Needs, but an individual tends to value two more than the rest. These two preeminent needs become our driving force. 


  • Certainty/Comfort – Everybody needs stability about their basic necessities – food, shelter and other material resources. When people cannot control their physical circumstances, they may seek certainty through a state of mind (such as religious faith or a positive outlook).
  • Uncertainty/Variety – People have a need to change their state, to exercise their body and emotions. Therefore they seek variety through a number of means – stimuli, change of scene, physical activity, mood swings, entertainment, food, etc.
  • Significance – Everybody needs to feel special, unique, important, or needed in some way. People will seek significance through obtaining recognition from others or from themselves. When people feel insignificant, they may make themselves feel significant by getting angry. They may also meet their needs paradoxically by having others recognize the significance of their insignificance or the size and complexity of their problems. It is important to remember that for many, helplessness is power.
  • Connection/Love – Humans need to feel connected with someone or something – a person, an ideal, a value, a habit, and a sense of identity. Connection may take the form of love, or merely of intense engagement – for instance, one can feel connected by means of an aggressive interaction.
  • Growth – Everything in the universe is either growing or dying – there is no third alternative. People are not spiritually satisfied unless their capacities are expanding.
  • Contribution – Just as people cannot survive without others contributing in some way to their welfare (no baby grew up on its own), they cannot be spiritually fulfilled unless they are contributing to others as well. 

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Personalized Triad

 INCLUDES: 50 Minute Phone Consultation Creating Your Personalized Triad


Our emotions control the quality of our lives and are shaped by our own personal psychology along with the beliefs and values we hold. 

Once meaning has been established in our world view, we follow a pattern of emotions that we associate to this meaning as a natural way of coping. The variance in meanings and emotions people can generate is virtually unlimited. These emotions are driven by three forces that mold the meanings.


Force # 1: Patterns of Physiology (how you use your physical body such as breath, posture, movement, how your body is built, etc.)

Force # 2: Patterns of Focus (whatever you focus on, you will feel): What you focus on depends on your values, your rules for fulfilling those values and your global beliefs, all of which constitute your identity.

Force # 3: Patterns of Language/Meaning (as soon as we put words to an experience, it changes the meaning we experience): The words we put to an experience have to do with the questions we habitually ask ourselves, the metaphors we habitually use, and the incantations we use on ourselves (such as “I can’t do anything right,” or “I’m so dumb”).

In the Personalized Triad Session, we will create a personalized, empowering Triad that will give you the ability to quickly and easily access the strongest parts of yourself and create lasting change in all areas of your life.

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